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MySQL 5.5.16

MySQL 5.5.16
MySQL is a database that is very fast, reliable and easy to use. If it is you are looking for then you should try it. In addition, the source program can you get for free and syntax syntax is easy to understand and not complicated as well as accessing the database can be done easily and quickly

MySQL 5.5.16

MySQL is developed by a Swedish company called MySQL AB. Apart from the Open Source program, MySQL also has certain advantages that are not less good as the database server, such as SQL Server, Sybase and even Oracle.

MySQL 5.5.16 Features

  • XPath Support
  • Dynamic General/Slow Query Log
  • Partitioning to improve performance and management of very large database environments
  • Row-based/Hybrid Replication for improved replication security
  • Event Scheduler to create and schedule jobs that perform various database tasks
  • Performance/Load Testing Utility (mysqlslap)
  • Additional INFORMATION_SCHEMA objects
  • Faster data import operations (parallel file load)
  • ACID Transactions to build reliable and secure business critical applications
  • Stored Procedures to improve developer productivity
  • Triggers to enforce complex business rules at the database level
  • Views to ensure sensitive information is not compromised
  • Information Schema to provide easy access to metadata
  • Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture for maximum flexibility
  • Archive Storage Engine for historical and audit data
  • Improved! Full Text Search (faster, new dev templates)
  • Improved! Archive engine (better compression, more features)
  • Improved! User session and problem SQL identification
  • Improved! MySQL embedded library (libmysqld)
Download : MySQL 5.5.16

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