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Anonym Mailer software

What does Simple Anonym Mailer do?
If you are noob and don’t know about anonymous emails, then refer this:
Simple Anonym Mailer allows you to send emails to your friends from anyone’s Email id. You can trick out your friends by such pranky mails. Proceed to next section to know more.

Simple Anonym Mailer:

1. Download Simple Anonym Mailer software.
2. Run this software on your computer:

Note: Mailer may take some time to load the interface. Please be patient.
3. Enter the information as follows:
From(Email): The sender email address(Email id from which you want to send email).
From(Name): Sender Name (Can use real or fake. Depends on you).
To: Receiver email address.
Subject: Subject of the email.
Message: Message of the email.
Captcha: Enter the text appearing in the picture. Make sure you enter it correctly. Anti-bot measure.
Mail Type: Select Text/HTML if you want to include HTML in message.
If you want to change Captcha, hit on button just besides “Refresh Captcha”.
4. After you’re done with Step 3, hit on Send and your mail will be sent to your friend. If you want to send another email, hit on Start and repeat the above steps.
Your mail will be sent as:

Note: This mailer software depends on scripts which might be reported as “Spam”. Due to this, emails may start moving to Spam folder. Please report this to me, if it happens. I will update the code.
Enjoy Anonym Mailer software.

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