Senin, 19 September 2011

Hacking Blackberry

The BlackBerry is the fastest growing, most popular wireless e-mail device ever sold. Dubbed the “CrackBerry” as a tribute to how obsessively BlackBerry users will check their e-mails, the BlackBerry is best known for its unique and well-executed “push e-mail” functionality. This feature makes it a favorite of mobile professionals who need to be connected while on the go. This book is all about how to do different, weird, fun, and amazing things with your BlackBerry. Before you start changing how your BlackBerry works, however, you need to understand what kind of product you are starting out with. Because the BlackBerry is a recent phenomenon, very little has been written about it, and most people — regardless of whether they own a BlackBerry— have only a very limited view of what the device is all about. This section introduces the BlackBerry device, explains some of the reasons why it produces a fanatical devotion in its users, and provides a short history of the device, which has grown from a single-purpose text-messaging utility to a fully capable wireless e-mail device, personal digital assistant (PDA), and general-purpose mobile application platform. I also provide an overview of the range of devices available on the market today, and survey the built-in capabilities of the BlackBerry hardware, as well as the included operating system and application software. If you already own a BlackBerry, this introduction will give you a greater perspective and understanding of the device before you set about changing it. If you are thumbing through this book because you are curious about the BlackBerry phenomenon, and perhaps are considering obtaining one for yourself, this introduction will give you a sense for why you see devices everywhere and why people are so attached to them. BlackBerry BOLD 9780 Unlocked Cell Phone with Full QWERTY Keyboard, 5 MP Camera, Wi-Fi, 3G, Music/Video Playback, Bluetooth v2.1, and GPS (Black)

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