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cara download di ShareCash (ShareCash guide for downloaders )

Dear downloaders !

ShareCash is the best uploading and sharing files. Every people on the internet search the over the world to find their resources. Most of uploading services required you have wait long time between each download, it’s really tired. With ShareCash, you simply complete the survey in a few seconds, then you can download load immediately your favorite files.

How to download on ShareCash ?

Download on ShareCash is really so simple and easy !
When you click on the download link (or paste that link to browser’s address bar). A downloading windows will appear, like the sreenshot below:

Just click on Regular Download, you have been asked to do an offer. Please fill your information and complete this survey. It take you a few minutes. Why have to do the survey ? Survey is best way to help downloaders avoid time count, or wait long between each download times. With other uploading services, you must wait several minutes, or even half an hour to get new download. It’s really waste your time. 

On ShareCash, you can get download link instantly when you finished the survey. . It’s really good if you don’t wanna purchase money for something else, or at least save your time to find around the Internet. In case your country don’t have an offer for this download, you can purchase a premium account with cheap price, then start downloading without filling out the survey. It’s also better than purchase a lot of money for the thing you need.
Why I have to purchase Premium Account ?

You maybe wonder ? why you have to buy Premium Account, because you can download without purchase. Of course, you should pay for a premium, with premium account. you can get ultimate resources, unlimit bandwith get higher performance, kindly support.
Premium Accounts take less than a minute to setup and are easy to buy through PayPal !

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