Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Havij Advance SQL Injection PRO


Hello everyone, I am very happy because I can make this post for you all, whether you like to do the hacking?

Ever heard of havij?

An advance SQL Injection tool, which will help you find, exploitation to hacking and get information from a websites database that are vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks.

You can find more information on google, havij can provide vulnerability information database through a program website (bug lies in the PHP program that can be utilized to unload the contents of My SQL database). But this time I did not make a tutorial how to used this tool

I just wanted to share the Pro Version Havij program with a lot of its premium content, its absolutely free and easy download.

Notes :

- I've tried this tool and the results are incredible
- This tool is shared by SYC Group On Facebook (Magetan Cyber​​'s Friend)
- Link by Black Coding ( Thanks my friend )

Here is download link :

Media fire ===>pass: permisi

For now I have not made a tutorial How to use Havij Pro Version to explore web database, but will I be sure, the tutorial immediately made and shared on this website.

1. How to get the right URL
2. How to get database and what database can be exploitable
3. How to get the database's tables
4. How to get a columns
5. How to get the data into column
6. How to save the important data
7. How to find admin page
8. How to used CMD Shell
9. How to Crack Md5 hash password
10. How to deface the site.

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Mas bro yudhi, maaf saya menghilang dari facebook, :):)
ini blog barunya udah saya kasih link tuh, tar link saya di pasang yah

Fun mengatakan...

Iya gak apa" kok aditya,,,

oh iya aditya,,

saya boleh minta nomor HP ny.....???

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